Ever wonder how to get lavender hair?

1. What you’ll need….

-hair dye- I used Manic Panic Lie Locks

- conditioner

* If your dye is darker then you’d like, like mine, mix it with conditioner until it’s lighter, but a good amount darker then the color you want. And make sure you mix enough, cause you don’t want to run out halfway! For medium hair 3/4 of a cup of mixture is about the right amount. 

-Large hair clips

- vaseline

- gloves

- paintbrush

- a shirt you don’t mind getting dye on

- towels to clean up



2. This is the prevention step. You probably don’t want your whole house and body the purple, so put towels down, put on your old skirt and put vaseline on your hairline and ears (and maybe part of your neck, if you’re messy like me)Image

3. Separate your hair into a thin section. The thinner the section, the easier it is to have all of your hair painted. Put it in a half-up, and then keep pulling down sections as go go along. Plus if you have cool clips, you get kind of an artsy hairdo!



4. When it’s all painted, it’s easier to smooth it all up on top of your head. Wait an hour of more. The longer you wait, the stronger it is. Image



5. Rinse it our with COLD water. Okay, lukewarm is okay, that’s what I do, but the colder the better.




Now just a warning, it comes out REALLY EASY for me. It’s probably the dye, but I like the color so much I use it anyways. It also much be because I dilute it with conditioner or something. It’s still in the experiment phase, but I though I’d share this anyways to show that it’s easier then you think!


Alyssa from Style Vanity interviewed me about my hair if you want to read more here and check out her awesome blog!

It’s Raining Rhinestones

Well, my hair’s purple. I’ve been wanting to do it for forever (see this post), and I finally decided to take the leap last week. My friend came over and dyed it for me (thanks Maddie :)!), and then we went to see a Lorde concert. Lorde, obviously was incredibly awesome, so I’ve been having pretty good past couple of weeks. This is what I wore a couple of days ago. I’m wearing a gold top from the 60s, my lax skirt, a cambridge satchel, and my fav Agyness Deyn x Doc Martens creepers. 



Let’s All Do The Classic White Tennis Shoe


(My illustration of the Adidas Stan Smith)

I would call my love for the classic white tennis shoe, a growing love affair. I think my love for the  all white look stemmed from my summers visiting my grandparents country club, Myopia in Massachusetts. What made tennis exciting there was tennis whites. How exciting! You got to dress up and play tennis. No color. Not even a hat. (We learned this lesson, when my dad was came on the court with a black hat. The horror.) I loved this. So perfect aesthetically. I mean that’s all that really matters in sports right?

Myopia is one of the last of the hold outs for tennis whites, but it used to be common. To fit this standard, tennis shoes were designed in all white styles. There were the classics from Tretorn, K-Swiss, and Adidas. In the 70′s, the white tennis shoe game was seriously improved with the Adidas’ introduction of the Stan Smith shoe. Named after the famous American tennis player, the shoes were all white, with perforations instead of the classic adidas three stripe, and had a green heel patch. My mom told me she had I pair when she was my age. I feel cool by relation. They are the epitome of the white shoe. Clean, classic and cool.

This amazing shoe has held on to its popularity for a long time, and many variations have followed. I first noticed the style’s resurgence on the Marc by Marc Jacobs runway. As I looked farther, I noticed more and more. Then, when Tommy Ton shot his street style from the Fall 2014 collections, I knew they had really made it big. It is by far the most shot type of shoe, and everyone who’s wearing them looks amazing. They add a classic street edge,  and above all are versatile enough to match with just about any type of outfit.


Marc by Marc Jacobs SS14


Jacquemus SS14


A.L.C. FW14


Tommy Ton


Tommy Ton


Marline Deeleeuw from Style.com’s Amber Kallor’s instagram


Saint Laurent


Marc Jacobs closing his FW14 show

Want to get your own?

Here are a few of favorite classics.

1. Adidas- Stan Smith. Obviously. or Superstar

2. Nike- Air Force or J. Crew x Nike

3. K-Swiss

Here are some of the designer versions. Very pricy, but fun to look at.

1. Saint Laurent

2. Marc by Marc Jacobs

3. Common Projects

A Brief Guide to the Best of the Fall/Winter 2014 Collections

 It’s only been full New York and London weeks (Milan is going on right now), but here are the top shows so far. British fashion dominates…
If there is one show you look at, this has to be it. SO incredible!! Girl scout badge dresses, skirts ect.., but not done in an overly cutesy way. She dramatically changed her style from being all about photo-prints and shapes, to this. That is the sign of a good designer. I’m so impressed.
Inline image 3
I really liked their collections from a little while ago (SS11,FW11, SS12, and FW08, but I didn’t see that season in real time) and they seemed to have gone into a different tone lately. Good, but not my style. Well, they changed back this season and I’m really glad. Laura and Kate Mulleavy have something that’s so unique that runs underneath everything they design.
Inline image 2
Not his best show, but that’s not saying much because ALL OF HIS SHOWS ARE SO GOOD!
Inline image 1
Marc Jacobs didn’t design this season, Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley did. But then again, does Marc ever really do much for MBMJ with Marc Jacobs and (when he still did) Louis Vuitton? Not all great looks, but pretty cool. I just love the clean vibe that come comes from Marc by Marc. And the hair is really cool.
Starts out a little dull, but then really gets good at the end. The plaid. Wow.
Some parts of Meadham Kirchhoff confused me. Too commercial? But then there are some really really amazing pieces, and the set and shoes are great.
Inline image 3
There are definitely some good looks in there, but it seems very different from her others. I need to let it sink in more. What do you think?


I just had ACL surgery so laying in bed eating junk food at looking at beautiful pictures have been my life for the past week. I’ve been looking into Venetia Scott and Leith Clark’s work at lot. Total genius. Here are some of the fruits of my labor with a few extra bits added in.

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Organizing Your Closet: A Stress Relieving Tutorial

Whenever I feel stressed, I know it’s time to organize my closet. I’m not really sure if my closet is messy because I’m stressed, or if I’m stressed because my closet is messy. It’s probably a combination of both. So today, when I woke up at 3am and couldn’t get back to sleep until 6 (Totally not fun, but at least I could internet shop and luckily this doesn’t happen every day!). I knew something had to be done, and that’s where the closet cleaning came in this morning.

My goal for my clothes is to only have things that I can just put on and I know they’ll work. I want things that are fun, make me happy and aren’t just place holders that I feel a nag of dislike every time I wear. It’s really hard for me to part with anything, so this is something I’m majorly working on.

I decided to organize my t-shirt/pajama/sports drawers which contain a lot of those nag pieces. Here’s my tutorial of my time-tested  method for organizing drawers. Something about having everything in order and getting rid of things you don’t want is so calming. Hopefully this will be as helpful to you as it is to me.


The before picture.


1. Turn on some music! I prefer faster paced electronic, like Crystal Castles for jobs like this.


2. Clear off a large space on your floor and dump everything out. I recommend just doing one drawer at a time to make it less overwhelming.


3. Fold everything up and organize each item in a way that works for you. I group similar types together, ex. sleeveless shirts, or fancier shirts, but there are many different ways. You could go by color, frequency of wear or occasion for wear. Also take this time to sort our anything you don’t want or need any more. I do this by making two piles, the Goodwill pile and another pile  that I keep for a couple months to decide if I really want to part with those clothes. It helps ease the separation. I have slight hoarder tendencies, you can probably see.

4. Place each pile back into your drawer. Et voila!


Shirts                                                         Pajamas                                            Exercise Clothes

Little Goals for 2014

So it’s a little bit into 2014 (15 days to be exact), but I found this list of small things that I want to do to make myself happy, and I wanted to post it as a nice reminder to myself. It’s a sort of resolution list, but I don’t want to think of it that way. Most resolutions are things that you don’t want to do, but think you should do. These are just for me, things I’m excited about doing in the new year.

1. Get my ears pierced

2. Buy a comfy sweatshirt (like the Radhearte one by Rodarte)

3. Spend a little bit of time everyday just breathing

4. Get rid of things I don’t want anymore

5. Do some type of music

Update: I’ve already gotten my ears pierced. Check one!


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