Street Style: Onlookers Edition


Street style is way too big of a deal.  So many “fashion people”, for lack of a better word seem to dedicate their life to getting in a good photo op. That’s why I love when the “normal people” in the background steal the photo. They tell a story so much more interesting then the classic fashion snap.  These amazing images only come around once and a while, so here I’ve collected some of my favorites from the past couple years (I know, years!!! b/c I think the 1st pic with Hanne Gaby is from 2012!) I hope you enjoy them as much as I do…. onlookersedition2 The guy on the right’s face always cracks me up.    21-fall-2015-ready-to-wear-street-style-04She has no clue what’s coming for her!21-fall-2015-ready-to-wear-street-style-01Just a normal day, chillin’ with a gold man levitating behind you.  pfw-86 Team picture. onlookers edition   Checkin her out… caught on camera. 08_Tommy-Ton-Spring-2015-RTW_0416_01_Tommy-Ton-Spring-2015-RTWJealousy. nyfw-fw15_keith-morrison_garance-doreXiao Wen Ju just saved the construction workers from the collapsing building… time for a photo.

it’s nighttime at the beach


It was one of those lazy Friday nights a couple weeks ago when my friend Yuma and I were driving around at night, and we decided to go to the beach. We drove through this narrow tunnel, down some slightly windy roads and ended up at Rodeo Beach. It was pitch black, and completely deserted. Cool, but a little creepy. We stayed around and took some pictures, and then ran back to the car and cranked up the heat. I like how they turned out–kinda blurry, dark and dreamy. It captures the feeling perfectly.

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 8.47.45 AM_MG_3585 _MG_3584 _MG_3560  _MG_3556 _MG_3512 _MG_3509  _MG_3506 _MG_3488 _MG_3469 _MG_3468 _MG_3463 _MG_3451 _MG_3447


(Photos by both Yuma and me)

end of summer burn


It was one of those wonderful Indian summer days last Wednesday. Where you know you’re in school, but you think–maybe if I dream real hard, it’ll all go away. I haven’t done an outfit post in a while, so went down to the park sort of near my new house and took these pictures. It’s such an amazing park. I love the faded Venetia Scott like colors and deserted feel. So beautiful. I’m definitely going back, so be prepared for some more shots from here. In the meantime, enjoy the pictures below- and hopefully you’ll get some of the sun that I’m trying to send through the computer screen…

20140915_133018 20140915_133539 20140915_133553  20140915_134245

20140915_134241  20140915_134257 20140915_134351 20140915_134538 20140915_134836

I want to live in Magic in the Moonlight



I judge movies on two main things; costumes and humor. Woody Allen’s new movie Magic in the Moonlight aced both. Now, I’m not going to go too in-depth with the storyline (You should see the movie!!) but basically Stanley (Colin Firth) plays a cynical magician who comes to the Côte d’Azur to unmask mystic Sophie Baker (Emma Stone), and then –spoiler alert– they fall in love. Surprise?

What helps make this movie so great is that Woody Allen wrote and directed it, but he is not actually in it. I like his sense of humor, but the neurotic characters that he always plays pains me to watch. (I’m not forgetting Woody Allen’s personal faults, but that’s a different discussion) One of my favorite parts goes something like this…

Sophie has just betrayed Stanley and she asks for forgiveness. He replies, “Only God can forgive you.”

Then Sophie says, “But I thought you didn’t believe in God?” and Stanley says, “My point exactly.”  BAM.

It doesn’t come out as good in text, but it was the most perfectly executed rebuffs I’ve ever heard. I will say this at the perfect moment and hopefully I’ll make it away before I break down laughing.

Well, on to the costumes. Set in the roaring 20s high class, it gives the perfect opportunity for costume design.  Sonia Grande did an amazing job as the costume designer.  You can tell that it’s definitely 20s, but not stereotypically. All the clothes are interesting and really suit the characters. Sonia Grande said that she dresses the magic believers in light colors, while the nonbelievers wore darker colors. The subtleties make all the difference.

These are the sketches for her character’s costumes. (from national



His sweater is great. If I could find one as perfect as this, I would wear it all the time. _DSF0266.RAF

You gotta love a good red and white sailor outfit.Magic in the Moonlight 2014 Stills Wallpapers

D12_DSCF9159 (EW).JPG

Vintage one-pieces are my dream.


The headpiece and beads. Amazing.


I love his sweater, and her dress and hair.


The detailing and fabric of this dress is so beautiful. magic-in-the-moonlight-13Screen Shot 2014-08-30 at 6.47.27 AM

Yellow! And 20s dresses always have such cool shapes.



Phoebe Arnold


Phoebe Arnold is super cool. She’s the fashion director  and cofounder of Ponystep magazine and senior editor at Love magazine. Of course she’s British because all cool dressers are British. Phoebe manages to look effortless while still wearing unique pieces which is a major feat.  Her style is very menswear influenced, but then it has girly elements which creates the perfect contrast. I believe that contrast is the secret to success in fashion. I want to be her, and since I can’t I’d like to steal all her clothes! It’s cool to see that she has favorite pieces and wears them over because that is real life and they look amazing each time. I have very similar (or the same?!) sunglasses and they are a total favorite of mine too!Picture 76



Milano Moda uomo 2014, women



LFW SS2013: Street Style Day 5