Flower Eyes

I think floral eyes are so pretty. A little bit ago I was looking though style.com during the menswear shows and I saw Christopher Shannon’s Spring 2013 where they had AMAZING flowers on their faces. It was so perfect. Also the flowers can be done with makeup which seems really fun too, like on Twiggy’s Vogue cover. I’m thinking of using daisies or roses or maybe adding flowers to sunglasses. What do you think?


Twiggy’s July 1967 Vogue cover


Christopher Shannon SS13


Christopher Shannon SS13

Rookie also did a tutorial on how to do floral eyes that looks really cool. http://rookiemag.com/2012/06/flower-petal-eyes/ 

2 thoughts on “Flower Eyes

  1. Cool idea! I think I would do a small flower design at the corner of the eye on the right. With a leaf and stuff. Also I just got these floral print pants that are really cute and pretty with a plain colored top.

  2. That sounds so pretty! I really want to get a pair of floral pants too. I really liked Citizens of Humanity’s floral jeans this season but sadly didn’t get them. Hmmm, maybe their still for sale. I have the back to school shopping excuse now 🙂

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