I love buying used things because you know there’s a story behind them. This weekend I went vintage shopping and found this red and white dress from the ’30s and a white American Tourist suitcase from the ’60s. When I first saw the suitcase I was so excited because I’ve always dreamed of having a suitcase like that. It just seems so civilized and elegant. Then I saw the dress and I thought it was so pretty and it was on sale! I was later informed that it was on sale because of it’s tiny size, so sadly it doesn’t fit. I still got it though because I like it in my window and I think I can alter it.




Isn’t the key cute?



Here are more wonderful ’60s suitcases.  (this pic from


5 thoughts on “Vintage

    1. It’s handmade so it doesn’t say a size but I’m guessing a 0 or something because my small 10 year old friend tried it on and it was tight. Sorry, I like it too much to sell 🙂

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