Leibster Award!

Thank you so much Rachel from http://www.thefashionedition.co.uk/ for nominating me for the Leibster Award! Leibester means favorite in German and it’s an award that goes to fashion bloggers with less than 200 followers. It’s a fun way to connect new bloggers and show which blogs are you’re loving.

Here are the rules:

1. Answer the 11 questions from the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.

2. Write 11 things about yourself

3. Pass it on- nominate 11 other bloggers and let them know

Questions from Rachel

Q:What is going through your head right now?

A:Why is my internet so slow?????

Q:What is your biggest regret?

A: I don’t know my biggest regret, but I wish I would have started taking dance classes earlier. They’re so fun!

Q:How many pairs of shoes do you own?

A: I didn’t really think I was a shoe person, but I guess I  kinda am. I have around 35.

Q: Pro or anti Instagram? (@faultinourstars)

A:I don’t have an instagram, so I really can’t say from experience. I don’t have a facebook for the reason of it being a time waster and instragram does seem fun but a little pointless.

Q: Who is your favourite model? (i.e. this can be fashion or role model!)

A: Natsya Kusakina, Frida Gustavson, Jemma Baines who has a blog that I love… http://jemma-baines.blogspot.com/.

Q: What, in your opinion, is the body feature that just doesn’t get enough good press in the fashion industry? (nose, eyebrows…ears?)

A:Maybe toe nails? I always see hand nail art, but the polish comes off so fast for me, that I don’t paint my finger nails very much. That’s why they should do more ideas for toe nails.

Q: If you could live in any historical era, which would it be and why?

A: The 60’s. It seemed like such a great time and the fashion was great!! My dad grew up in the 60s, I envy him.

Q: What is one thing you don’t believe in? (e.g. ghosts, evolution, U.F.O’s…

A: Everytime I try to think of something like I that I think, it could be a little true. I don’t believe in the Mayan apocalypse because it is past Dec 21 ,2012 and we are all just fine 🙂

Q: If you were a book, which would you be?

A: The Flower’s Festival or any other book by Elsa Beskow. They are beautifully illustrated Swedish children’s books. Such a gorgeous world!

Q: If you could go back in the past to be present for a historical event, where would you go and why? (e.g. I would say March 1st 1994 for Nirvana’s last concert in Munich, Germany because I would have loved to be in the presence of the legend which is Kurt Cobain)

 A: I would love to see Alexander McQueens VOSS show in 2001. The set seemed amazing and so clever and Alexander McQueen is such a legend.

Q: Lastly: design a teeshirt, What would its slogan be?

 A: Hmm…. I might have Tavi’s quote, “Nothing is ever as good as the fantasy of it.” SO TRUE.

Here are some random facts about me...

1. I played the Steel Pans all three years in middle school. I just learned that www.thefashionedition.co.uk who nominated me for this played steel pans too. Yay, steel pan people!

2. I didn’t watch tv or movies until I was probably 9.

3. I used to think that Nike (the sports brand) was part of Nickelodian (as I stated before, I didn’t watch tv). The names seem so similar. Confusing…

4. I am a terrible speller. Thank god for spell check.

5. I can”t seem to say the word cereal very well. I usually say it like sillier or sell-yer 🙂

6. When I’m nervous I organize and clean my room. It’s somehow very calming.

7. My favorite season was Fall 2011. I’m not sure why, all my favorite designers just seemed to have such great collections. Maybe because it was the first season I really looked at the collections.

8. I’m really nostalgic.

9. I’m pretty tall. I can never get the same measurement, but I’m between 5’8 and 5’9.

10. One of my cats meows like a baby hawk.

11. Probably my two favorite movies are The Royal Tenenbaums and Ghost World and I saw them both for the first time the same day.

 The winners are…

1. See Susie Bean

2. Style Abuse

3. Maya the Papaya

4. Fashion Fledge

5. Sacrificed Youth

6. Fashion and Fringes

7. Sew Overdressed

8. Birdie Wears a Tie

9. The Glory Box

10. Holy Mountain

11. P for Pearl 

Questions for the winners…

1. What was your favorite piece of clothing from when you were little?

2. Favorite city?

3. How did you start liking fashion?

4. What’s your best time saving trick? (ex. reading while you walk)

5. Most embarrassing memory from middle school?

6. What moment do you wish you could go back to in you life, either to visit or change?

7. If you could go to any show for fashion week, where would you choose?

8. Where do you wish you were right now and what would you be doing?

9. What are your favorite magazines?

10. Do you have a signature piece? (ex. I always wear my hair in a topknot and wear my black lacrosse skirt with everything)

11. What are the top 3 items on your wish list?


2 thoughts on “Leibster Award!

  1. Hey! Thankyou for the lovely comment and for nominating me! Ill try to answer the questions soon, but because im applying for university at the moment ive hardly had any time to blog. I love your blog by the way, The frosting idea is amazing! I may have to steal it sometime 🙂 x

    1. I hope your applications go well! It’s seems like everything gets so busy around this time. I’m glad you liked the frosting, feel free to use it anytime when you have lots of time for clean up 🙂

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