I got a haircut!

So, I’ve pretty much always had long hair. I had shorter when I was really little and then after a traumatic experience with short hair in 4th grade, I’ve decided I wanted long. About a year ago though I started to change my mind. I started seeing people with shorter hair and I thought it looked cool. This lead to a debate every time I went to get my hair cut if I was going to be bold and cut it off. Recently I’ve been seeing short hair more and envying it, so I knew it was time.
First made a plan, since I’ve also always wanted to dye my hair lavender I decided to dye the tips and then cut the tips off. I bleached and then dyed with a purple dye. Then I panicked that it was going to be too dark and rinsed it out in sections. It turned out interesting. The color was an uneven range of pink to purple. Even though it wasn’t what I had in mind, I liked it. It was what I call my ” My Little Pony” hair. The problem was, every time I took a shower it bleed all over. Being the slightly forgetful person I am, this caused many of my pillow cases and towels to turn purple. It was time for part 2.
I went to Oxenrose salon and saw Tina. She was super nice and seemed to know just what I wanted. The first cut was scary, but I felt amazing looking so different. I loved it! All this drama over a hair cut might seem extreme, but it is just the type of person I am.










2 thoughts on “I got a haircut!

  1. I was exactly the same when I had my hair cut short, and now rotate from long to short to long to short every seven or eight months 😛 (Oh and I love the balloons)

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