Happy 1st Birthday Blog!

(image from http://butaccordingtofashion.wordpress.com/)

Birthday’s are always a big deal in my family. We celebrate half birthdays cat’s birthdays, so of course I’m going to celebrate my blogs birthday! I remember starting this blog almost like it was yesterday, but then it also feels like forever ago. Time starts to get weirder each year. I lot of things have happened since last year though, so I’ll share the highlights. Let’s start from the beginning…

1. I started pre-college classes at the Academy of Art University. I took Fashion Styling and Fashion Construction. They were amazing and helped change my view on fashion.

2. The Rookie Road trip came near me and I went with my friend. It was so fun to get to be in such and amazing group of people and meet the great people who run Rookie, which I love! Plus I had the best icecream in existence (Bi-rite creamery).

3. I started high school. Unlike the Academy of Art, this isn’t something that I’m exited about. I thought there would be more freedom and you wouldn’t feel trapped, but I was wrong. When teachers explain things to you like you are an idiot or when you can tell they are just trying to fill the rest of class, it is horribly frustrating and boring. This happened to me a lot. Well, at least I have better hope for next year (fingers crossed.)

4. I went to New York Fashion Week! My dad was going on a business trip at the same time, so I begged to come along, which he agreed to. Since I’d gone to classes at the Academy of Art we could get tickets to see their show in Lincoln Center. The show was beautiful and you could tell how much work the students put into it. Just being around everyone and the buzz was completely amazing.

5. I took dance classes. One thing about that, how had I not done this earlier?

6. I’ve come full circle and am attending AAU again and taking fashion illustration and photography. I’m loving them both so far and I’ll try and post some of my work later on.


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