The Clear Raincoat Story

It all begins with this image.


While randomly looking at pictures online I came across Arizona Muse in an editorial wearing a Burberry Prorsum clear raincoat from this collection.


(Burberry Prorsum Fall 2011)

I fell in love with the idea of a clear raincoat. Having it be clear would allow you to still wear a great outfit and have it be seen, and with the piping you could add a mod look (which I love!).

Then came shopping on I found a very similar coat with white piping. I seem to remember it was even on sale. For some reason, sadly I did not buy it. But don’t worry, it all ends well.


I was in Jo-Ann Fabrics for some reason and saw the Vogue Patterns Magazine. Vogue made patterns, and had another magazine? What?? Flipping through the pages I saw this.

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 10.56.27 AM

It was perfect! My dream raincoat now had a pattern so I could make it!! Right away I showed the picture to someone who worked at Jo-Ann and asked it they had it, and in a stroke of amazing luck they did. I bought the pattern with our buying any fabric( or I guess I should say plastic) and when home. It ended up in my living room where it was soon buried by all of our other mess.

Then, later in the year these ads from Valentino came out.


What do you know? The clear raincoat again. This triggered my memory and after some searching I uncovered my pattern. During February Ski Week of 2013 I went out and brought the clear plastic and began.

It was harder then I thought and I mostly only worked on it on breaks and some weekends. During April Spring break it still was not complete. I made it my goal to finish by the end of the week. this goal was not met, but I did make progress. My next goal was to finish by summer. Way more realistic, but not very useful.

Just a tip to any of you attempting to sew on clear plastic. It is hard! Really hard!! When you try to sew in a circle on the machine it gets all crumpled up and when you sew by hand your needle bends and you get cuts in your fingers pads from pushing the needle through. Anyways I won’t go into all of that, but finally I finished. After many hours of hard work it turned out just like I wanted. As a reward, it actually rained in the summer too and I got to wear it!


(photo thanks to my mom on my new Canon Rebel T3i!!)

This wasn’t taken when it was actually raining, but it was couldy and I dressed like the 60’s.

I still notice clear raincoats and recently saw this one in the Prada and Schiaparelli: Impossible Conversations book about the Met Gala 2012 and thought it was too cool not to post.


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