The Royal Tenenbaums: Elle Ukraine Edition

The Royal Tenenbaums might be my all time favorite movie. I don’t know what makes it so good. Maybe its’s the interesting/odd but lovable characters? Or the cool director (Wes Anderson)? But, I know the costumes have a lot to do with it. Chas Tenenbaum and his two sons always wear matching red Adidas track suits, Margot Tenenbaum has her fur coat and Richie Tenenbaum has his striped sweat band. I love how each person has their signature and pretty much always wears it.
Here’s Elle Ukraine’s version compared to the real thing. I think the Fall 2013 collections work perfectly to create The Royal Tenenbaums cool twist. What do you think?

Elle Ukraine images (from on left, and The Royal Tenenbaums pictures (source unknown) on right

20130830-212654.jpg     20130830-212707.jpg



20130830-212719.jpg        20130830-212727.jpg


20130830-212736.jpg         20130830-212744.jpg


20130830-212806.jpg         20130830-212817.jpg

If you haven’t seen the movie, Labor day weekend is the perfect time!


3 thoughts on “The Royal Tenenbaums: Elle Ukraine Edition

  1. Oh god! I loved that movie! and I was amazed by the characters ❤
    Thank you for your comment and I really adored your blog too c:
    PD: I'm sorry that my english isn't that good.

    1. Awww, thanks :). All the characters are so great, I love Margot and the family that wears matching red track-suits are so fun! You’re English seems perfect, I wish I could speak Spanish.

      1. Oh, her brother’s family, they are so funny! even their hair matches! Thank you, it’s just practice, I guess, after spending most of my time in tumblr and reading rookie :B

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