The Amazing Rookie Mag. Comes to SF!

Tavi and Rookie held an event at Urban Outfitters in San Francisco last Saturday. It was amazing! I got there about 10 minutes early and saw a huge crowd of beautifully dressed and interestingly put together  teenage girls (mostly girls, but a few boys came to support Rookie too, yay!). Millions of pink and white balloons tied with lace and fabric string hung from the ceiling, and they had even spelled out ROOKIE in balloon lettering. How cool! In a corner I also noticed cute tiny cupcakes and candy. What could be better? First Elizabeth read her article about getting her period, it was defiantly an ice breaker! Then Tavi read her Dec. 2013 editor’s letter. It was completely beautiful and fitting. It was about the idea of “Forever” all the different things that go along with it, like  growing up. Since my 16th birthday was in two days it was perfectly fitting. What really struck me was that she said how she wasn’t scared of getting older, she was just scared of being scared of being older. What was also great is that she said how she always is going to being growing up and there isn’t just one set stop point. It was a great message to bring in my birthday or just any time because getting older is hard for me.  I start to miss the person I used to be, all the different versions of myself at different ages.

Shortly after they had a signing. There was a huge crowd and I was stuck in the back. It turned out to be good though, because I meet some cool people. We didn’t make it to the front before it was time for Summer Twins to play. Tavi, like the cool person she is said she would stay later to sign for anyone else who still wanted.

Summer Twins were amazing! I had never heard of them, but they might be a new favorite. They were so, so great, and dressed so cool too. As they played, the volume caused the balloons on the ceiling to pop and rain the glitter flakes that were painted on the bottom down on everyone.

When they were finished, Tavi resumed her singing. I got to meet her again (I met her  before at the Rookie Road Trip last year, which was so fun). She was really nice even though I was my a heightened version of my awkward self. It was so sweet of her to stay late so everyone could get a chance to meet her. It was definitely  over an hour. Thanks Tavi!



Tavi talking about Forever


Summer Twins!



Me and Tavi! (yes, I am tall, also I was wearing my Doc Martens with about a 1-2 inch platform and Tavi is on the shorter side) I wish I would have bent over so I am not forever thought of as a giant.

IMG_1952          IMG_1950

Here are clearer pictures of what I wore, which was my vintage dress from the 30’s and my Agyness Deyn for Doc Martens shoes.

(all pictures are my own and taken by me except the picture of me and Tavi is by my friend, the last two are taken by my mom)

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