Blonde Birthday

For all of my recent life there have been three things I’ve wanted to do with my hair. 1. Dye it lavender, 2. cut it short, and 3. dye it ice blonde. Since I’ve already done the first two (I dyed my tips lavender/purple which kinda counts) I decided that it was time for the last when I turned 16.

As I’ve been looking at the Spring 2014 collections, I’ve noticed that the very blonde look has become huge. At Marc Jacobs all had blonde wigs and about half of the models at Prada were white blonde, Emily Wiess from Into the Gloss went platinum, and so did Tavi Gevinson.

From looking at the collections I found Sasha Luss as my main newly blonde inspiration. Sasha Luss has a brown similar (a little lighter) to my own and her blonde looked natural and suited her face. It gave me hope. Natsya Kusakina is naturally blonde, but she bleaches it lighter and has the ethereal fairy look that I was going for. I feel that I worked in these inspirations well and I’m really happy with how it turned out. I think like it suits my face pretty well and it’s healthier than I imagined. It’s also fun to look so different and be blonde!

Changing your hair can become like an addiction. It starts small and then the more you change the more you can’t stop. It’s been fun and I can’t wait to try something else when I feel the need for a change. I like the blonde so that might be a while, but I think I might go for allover lavender!


Sasha Luss. Does blonde hair get better than this?

20131129-092242.jpgNatsya Kusakina

20131129-093143.jpgGinta Lapina

20131129-092401.jpgPrada Spring 2014

ImageTavi Gevinson


Before with my natural brown hair.

_MG_1967Letting the bleach strip all the color in my little alien hat. The bleach hurt like crazy! I had no clue.


Here is after the first bleach. Then I had to go and do it again to get it even lighter. In total it took 6 1/2 hours!!


This is me now! It’s not even two weeks and my roots are growing back in crazy fast.

(The first 5 images are not my own, but the last 4 are)

4 thoughts on “Blonde Birthday

  1. Love that colour on you, it suits you so much! I used to have platinum blonde hair but the darker roots became to much work to maintain every few weeks but regardless it looks great! x

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