Prada in Illustration

For some reason, putting more then two or maybe four (for a holiday ad) in a photoshoot seems to be taboo for the fashion industry. Prada just proved that idea completely wrong with their SS14 ad campaign . That along with the incredibly great collection, is what makes these one of the best ad campaigns I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s like a big beautiful slightly dysfunctional family got together for a family portrait.  I get a Royal Tenenbaum-esque feel, maybe it’s the family portrait or the athletic edge (remember the adidas tracksuits and Richie’s sweatband?), but they  share hat slightly off cool.

To express my great love and to really soak in the beauty, I decided to illustrate my favorite. It took forever (any I really mean FOREVER!!), but was lovely to do on these past couple of days that I’ve been on vacation.

Prada Spring 2014 Ad

(Ugh, the scanner cut off the bottom since it was too big)


(Photo from

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