A Brief Guide to the Best of the Fall/Winter 2014 Collections

        It’s only been full New York and London weeks (Milan is going on right now), but here are the top shows so far. British fashion dominates…
If there is one show you look at, this has to be it. SO incredible!! Girl scout badge dresses, skirts ect.., but not done in an overly cutesy way. She dramatically changed her style from being all about photo-prints and shapes, to this. That is the sign of a good designer. I’m so impressed.
I really liked their collections from a little while ago (SS11,FW11, SS12, and FW08, but I didn’t see that season in real time) and they seemed to have gone into a different tone lately. Good, but not my style. Well, they changed back this season and I’m really glad. Laura and Kate Mulleavy have something that’s so unique that runs underneath everything they design.
Not his best show, but that’s not saying much because ALL OF HIS SHOWS ARE SO GOOD!
Marc Jacobs didn’t design this season, Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley did. But then again, does Marc ever really do much for MBMJ with Marc Jacobs and (when he still did) Louis Vuitton? Not all great looks, but pretty cool. I just love the clean vibe that come comes from Marc by Marc. And the hair is really cool.
Starts out a little dull, but then really gets good at the end. The plaid. Wow.
Some parts of Meadham Kirchhoff confused me. Too commercial? But then there are some really really amazing pieces, and the set and shoes are great.
There are definitely some good looks in there, but it seems very different from her others. I need to let it sink in more. What do you think?

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