Ever wonder how to get lavender hair?

1. What you’ll need….

-hair dye- I used Manic Panic Lie Locks

– conditioner

* If your dye is darker then you’d like, like mine, mix it with conditioner until it’s lighter, but a good amount darker then the color you want. And make sure you mix enough, cause you don’t want to run out halfway! For medium hair 3/4 of a cup of mixture is about the right amount.

-Large hair clips

– vaseline

– gloves

– paintbrush

– a shirt you don’t mind getting dye on

– towels to clean up



2. This is the prevention step. You probably don’t want your whole house and body the purple, so put towels down, put on your old shirt and put vaseline on your hairline and ears (and maybe part of your neck, if you’re messy like me)Image

3. Separate your hair into a thin section. The thinner the section, the easier it is to have all of your hair painted. Put it in a half-up, and then keep pulling down sections as go go along. Plus if you have cool clips, you get kind of an artsy hairdo!



4. When it’s all painted, it’s easier to smooth it all up on top of your head. Wait an hour of more. The longer you wait, the stronger it is.Β Image


5. Rinse it our with COLD water. Okay, lukewarm is fine, that’s what I do, but the colder the better.




Now just a warning, it comes out REALLY EASY for me. It’s probably the dye, but I like the color so much I use it anyways. It also might be because I dilute it with conditioner or something.Ugh… It’s still in the experiment phase, but I though I’d share this anyways to show that it’s easier then you think!


Alyssa from Style Vanity interviewed me about my hair if you want to read more here and check out her awesome blog!


4 thoughts on “Ever wonder how to get lavender hair?

  1. I love how this turned out! I’ve really wanted to dye my hair with Manic Panic for awhile, but I never can pick a color or really get the courage( and energy) to do it. Maybe I will now thanks to this tutorial!

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