and the sky was all violet


Leith Clark is as cool as can be. She founded Lula, is a stylist for brands like Orla Kiely, and just did a great glasses collaboration with Warby Parker. Issue 17 was her last time at Lula which is heartbreaking, but don’t fear. She is now on to a new magazine…..drumroll……Violet!
When I heard about this, I knew it had to be mine. So, while I was in New York last week, I tracked it down. Now, I thought this would be an easy task. Big city, many magazine stores, known for fashion and writing, but no siree. I took a taxi from the Met at 5:30 and went through rush hour traffic. I arrived at 6:01. Closed and gated.
I did not give up. I walked and took the subway way downtown to my next location. Using google maps, I tried to find it, but there was an boarded empty building in it’s place. I asked people near by, and confirmed my suspicion. It had closed and moved. I called the shop, and luckily they had only moved a couple blocks down.
When I walked in, I saw that it was all worth my trouble. Magazine heaven. My kind of heaven. I picked up Violet, and a couple other favorites-Lula (I will always love you Lula), and i-D.
Leith Clark’s inspirations for the title are perfectly fitting and make it even more of a gem. She named Violet, “Namely because it’s a strong word, my favorite scent, my favorite Hole song, my goddaughter’s name, and also the name of my mysterious great-aunt who I only met once—she wore a kimono and pink lipstick and had naturally shiny silver hair.” (

Let’s take a look a the contributors- all super cool  people. I loved Stephanie La Cava’s  book, An Extraordinary Theory of Objects. Luella Bartley is doing a very cool job at Marc by Marc Jacobs. Zoe Karzan’s movie Ruby Sparks is one of my favorites. I could go on and on…


Violet is not only filled with beautiful images, but beautiful text. The text might even be better then the images, which is a rarity for fashion mags. But Violet is definitely not a normal fashion magazine.

Feminism has so many different viewpoints, but Hadley Freeman’s ideas are  clear and simplify it to make sense. I don’t agree with every point, but I really do with this… “If you ever meet a woman-or anyone for that matter-who says they are not a feminist, ask them if they believe women are human beings who deserve all the same opportunities as other human beings. Because honestly, that’s all it is. Not favoritism-equality. ” (Hadley Freeman)

Also this feminist test is spot on.



There is an illustrated article about different animals and gender roles. There are examples of matriarchal and equal partnerships in animals like elephants and emperor penguins.



Davina Catt interview artist Anh Doung. This is some of her work La Trilogie de l’Absence III and La Trilogie de L’Absence I. They are the most amazing portraits I have ever seen. Such strong images that never get boring.




Here come the images…










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