Happy 2nd Birthday Blog!


(Cherry Bombe Magazine photo from here)

I can’t believe it’s already been two years. I remember the first anniversary of my blog last year so clearly, it seems impossible that it’s been another year. Speaking of which, last summer seems so close. But whatever, time moves, I won’t bore you again with my nostalgia.

I don’t post a lot, but I enjoy having my blog. It’s a nice place for me to group together what inspires me,  the work that I’ve done, and just generally what’s happening in my life.  I know it will always be there, cause ya know, everything on the internet is FOREVER.

So I’ll start with the annual list of major events…

1.  I changed schools. I left my big public high school for an independent study school in the same district. I have a ton less class time, more homework, and better quality school. I hated “normal” school because there is just so much wasted time, and  it killed me. It’s like how standing is more tiring then walking. This has made my life a ton better.

2. I went blonde! I can’t say for sure if blondes do have more fun, but I’ve certainly had a fun time being blonde. Then I went purple for a couple weeks, and then back to brown and got bangs. Now I’m back to platinum, and I feel like I’m home. This sounds superficial, but I just feel more like myself being blonde. So I might go even lighter if possible. Then I think I’m going to wait for my roots to grow out a couple inches and get a really short choppy cut, sort of like Marc Jacobs Spring 2013.


3. I tore my ACL. This is definitely not a highlight. Short version- I was skiing, then I was sliding down the hill super fast with on ski that kept catching on the hill. I tried to stand up and my knee buckled. My guess to what happened was that I was skiing on non-icy snow, it got icy, and I wasn’t prepared, and neither were my skis (too much of a powder ski with not sharp enough edges), and I fell. Skiing is one of the things that makes me happiest and I had just joined a weekend ski team, so it was a major bummer. I just keep replaying it over in my head trying to figure out what happened.

I had reconstruction surgery on February 12th and have had to be super careful. I’ve just been given the pass to doing things like running and biking again, but I have to wait until 9 months until I can go back to doing “cutting” stuff and skiing.

4. I got an internship! I wrote letters to different companies near me that I admired, and Camp Collection was one of them. I found them through a post on fashiongonerougue.com (they post editorials,covers,lookbooks, ect…). I noticed that the lookbook location, the Russian River, was near by, so I figured that Camp must be too. I wrote to the other places because they were in SF, but I wrote to Camp Collection just because I like their stuff. They are a super cool company with great clothes.

You should totally check them out at  shopcamp.com, and  their blog at wesleepintents.com, where I’m doing some of the posts!


(photo from shopcamp.com)

5. This is my third summer taking Academy of Art University pre-college classes. I’m taking Textiles and Knitwear (we are knitting on the knitting machine, and it’s super cool!!), Figure Drawing (great teacher and I’m learning so much) and Fashion Drawing (I took this last year and it is such a great class, I miss my old teacher though).

They make me so happy, and I’m going to be super sad when I can’t take them anymore. I guess I’ll be going to real college and hopefully it will be just as good or better.


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