I want to live in Magic in the Moonlight


I judge movies on two main things; costumes and humor. Woody Allen’s new movie Magic in the Moonlight aced both. Now, I’m not going to go too in-depth with the storyline (You should see the movie!!) but basically Stanley (Colin Firth) plays a cynical magician who comes to the Côte d’Azur to unmask mystic Sophie Baker (Emma Stone), and then –spoiler alert– they fall in love. Surprise?

What helps make this movie so great is that Woody Allen wrote and directed it, but he is not actually in it. I like his sense of humor, but the neurotic characters that he always plays pains me to watch. (I’m not forgetting Woody Allen’s personal faults, but that’s a different discussion) One of my favorite parts goes something like this…

Sophie has just betrayed Stanley and she asks for forgiveness. He replies, “Only God can forgive you.”

Then Sophie says, “But I thought you didn’t believe in God?” and Stanley says, “My point exactly.”  BAM.

It doesn’t come out as good in text, but it was the most perfectly executed rebuffs I’ve ever heard. I will say this at the perfect moment and hopefully I’ll make it away before I break down laughing.

Well, on to the costumes. Set in the roaring 20s high class, it gives the perfect opportunity for costume design.  Sonia Grande did an amazing job as the costume designer.  You can tell that it’s definitely 20s, but not stereotypically. All the clothes are interesting and really suit the characters. Sonia Grande said that she dresses the magic believers in light colors, while the nonbelievers wore darker colors. The subtleties make all the difference.

These are the sketches for her character’s costumes. (from national post.com)costumes-1



His sweater is great. If I could find one as perfect as this, I would wear it all the time. _DSF0266.RAF

You gotta love a good red and white sailor outfit.Magic in the Moonlight 2014 Stills Wallpapers

D12_DSCF9159 (EW).JPG

Vintage one-pieces are my dream.


The headpiece and beads. Amazing.


I love his sweater, and her dress and hair.


The detailing and fabric of this dress is so beautiful. magic-in-the-moonlight-13Screen Shot 2014-08-30 at 6.47.27 AM

Yellow! And 20s dresses always have such cool shapes.




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